International Technology Group Pty Ltd

Established in late 2000, ITG specialises in high value R&D tax concession advising work in high technology industries. The major areas of client service have been in the defence, IT, bio-medical, banking, motor vehicle and oil industries. However the company has advised many clients over the years that a listing by industry would be almost impossible.

The major area of consulting has been in the initial identification, classification and structuring of R&D activities, including costing of those activities. The most difficult task is to determine if the activities of a company are eligible. We call this the “gate keeper” question.

Once the basic question of technical eligibility is resolved, moving on to obtain real benefits is a matter of proper structuring, record keeping and documentation.

ITG has also worked extensively in the area of Commercial Ready and other grants including Export Market Development Grants. ITG provides Transfer Pricing and other structuring advice to multi-national companies. ITG through its arrangements with many smaller firms of accountants can provide quality referrals for basic accounting, audit and taxation consulting work.

The major issue in any work is a complete understanding of the tax effects of any structures developed. Developing solutions to problems is a major area of activity within ITG, including project evaluation, project management, marketing and the commercialisation of new technology.

Based on many years of experience in the large accounting firms, ITG and its staff provides a balanced and strongly commercial view. All advice is based on having a strong commercial imperative and must be results driven.

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